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Welcome to Actor Rankings

Whether you’re an established actor or an actor who is ready to start a career, this is the place for you. Actor Rankings takes all your acting and social media links and puts them in one place. Let us help you create your actor website today. We are using our skills and passion for acting and insight for technology to help actors create a simple, free website, regardless of where they are in their careers – new actors or seasoned professional actors.

Let your actor profile shine on Actor Rankings - dazzle your audience with a sleek and professional actor profile that is mobile and web friendly and highlights your acting experience and unique talents. Add a showreel as your background and highlight all your social and acting links on your profile, including custom links we made just for actors. Showcase your best headshots, set photos and videos with a striking Media gallery. Make sure to include all your contact info in your bio and update it to keep it current. Your Actor Rankings profile is yours to control alongside all your social media, acting and websites links.

Show how talented you really are with this one-of-a-kind Actor Rankings profile with all your acting and social links in one place. Designed with acting professionals, as well as actors and models with varying experience in mind, this clean and popping Actor Rankings profile will surely get you noticed by everyone in the industry. With an option to add your bio, resume, and custom eye-catching video and photo galleries, your personal acting website has never looked better than with Actor Rankings.

Your Own Free Actor Website

Who We Are

We are proud to serve the acting industry in Los Angeles, New York and most major global markets. Actor Rankings offers actors a comprehensive digital profile that looks great, and integrates all existing acting profiles. We give actors a website that functions as your one-stop for all your acting information to empower talent with full control over their acting profile.

Our services include photos, background photos, links, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more.  We also integrate with actor websites including Casting Frontier, IMDB and Actors Access. With our latest update for Premium members, we include a resume, media gallery and video background.  The Actor Rankings app is web, mobile and tablet – iPad, iPhone and Android compatible.